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Christine Ralfs, Buteyko Therapist, Buteyko Clinic of Canada

Christine Byrne
Accredited Buteyko Educator
Asthma Care Canada
Sunshine Coast BC and Vancouver BC
email: asthmacare@shaw.ca

Christine Ralfs has had a family history of severe asthma and emphysema. This is her motivation behind her founding the Buteyko Clinic of Canada. After an intensive self study and training with Patrick McKeown, Christine was accredited as a Buteyko practitioner in November of 2006. Her qualification is recognised by the Buteyko Clinic of Moscow.   Asthma in Canada affects about 2.5 million people. The Buteyko Method while very new to Canada will now offer a natural all encompassing solution to many people. Reversing hyperventilation is the key to any asthmatic taking control naturally.   Christine is based in Vancouver, BC. She is currently working on a new book called Stop Asthma Naturally and will be assisting with practitioner training in Canada in the years ahead.

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