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The Buteyko Breathing Exercises are only part of the overall Buteyko Breathing Course and you are not expected to get the exercises correct in the first three days of the course, it takes a little practice to get them right (there is no hurry).

To get long term health improvements it helps to understand what effects your breathing and how your breathing affects your condition and your body, that is why there is an education part of the course.

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Posture plays a part in normalisation of breathing which in turn improves your condition and overall health, this simple Horse Rider Exercise will show you how there should be no effort when you are breathing and is also very good for slowing your breathing down.

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Links Buteyko Reduced Breathing Exercise  

The Reduced Breathing Exercise is the exercise that improves your breathing in the direction of reduction and in turn improves the symptoms of your condition and overall health. Please click the heading for more detailed information.

  Buteyko Control Pause  

The Control Pause is an exercise that will determine the level of your condition and level of your health.(the control pause is like an indicator or a measuring stick) Please click the heading for more detailed information.

  Buteyko Nose Clearing Exercise  

The Nose Clearing Exercise is used to unblock your nose so you can breathe through it and you can use it every time your nose is blocked.

This Nose Clearing Exercise has only a temporary effect it dose not correct the underlying cause of your blocked nose.

  Buteyko Anti-Hyperventilation Exercise  

The Anti-Hyperventilation Exercise can be used instead of using a paper bag when someone is having a

Panic Attack or Hyperventilation Attack.

The Anti-Hyperventilation Exercise puts the automatic pause back in the breathing pattern, slowing your breathing down and also is great for helping you go to sleep. It is far better than counting sheep to get you off to sleep!

  Buteyko Stop Coughing Exercise  

The Stop Coughing Exercise is used for trying to stopping a fit, it will do one of two things, one stop the coughing or at least lossen some mucus it will not improve the underlying cause of the coughing.

  Buteyko Mini Pause Exercicse  

The Mini Pause Exercise is used in a remedial way after coughing, sneezing, talking and also in a preventative way when the first signs of the common cold, viruses and swollen glands.



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