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Libby Davies
Sports Performance

Libby Davies is based in Edinburgh. She is a Chartered Libby Davies Physiotherapist and trained as a Buteyko Practitioner in Glasgow with the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health Trainer Jill McGowan in 2007.

Libby originally became interested in the Buteyko Method of breathing because her daughter had suffered from severe Asthma from the age of 9 months, and by the time she was in her teens she was on the maximum dose of medication available at the time.

Libby still works part time as a Physiotherapist with NHS Lothian and in her spare time teaches the Buteyko Method in and around the Edinburgh area.
The courses run over 5 sessions of one and a half hours each, with ‘top up’ sessions when required. She focuses on Asthma and other chest conditions.

Last year Libby helped teach children with Asthma in Glasgow schools, the outcome of this was reduced sickness levels due to asthma and improved concentration levels in class.

As a result of learning the Buteyko Method Libby’s daughter is now free of symptoms, on the very minimum medication and takes part in local triathlons.

Libby Davies
6 Forkenford,
EH16 4EZ.
Mobile 07889676418
email; libbyd21@hotmail.co.uk

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