“…Within a couple of days my nose, usually blocked 90% of the time, was almost completely cleared and I had my first full eight hours of sleep since God knows when.”

Buteyko Northwest

…most amazing was the lady with what seemed to me a terminally blocked nose who by day two had started to breathe through it!

Buteyko Scotland

“I am able to breathe through my nose for the first time in years and my sense of smell has returned…
50 year-old man.
“I can breathe through my nose!” – Girl (11) Severe asthma, fifth day of course, had suffered with a blocked nose all her life and had never been able to nose breathe
Mary Birch at Buteyko Bayside
…Today, Earle has no blocked nose…
76 years old, Earle Kennedy
…Smelling flowers! Tasting delicious foods. These are especially wonderful bonuses to doing Buteyko…
Jackie G
Christine Bauman

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