Sleep Apnoea

“Buteyko has been very helpful to me. Through the breathing exercises and modifying how I use the C-Pap machine I now have a consistent night’s sleep. The whole concept makes so much sense and it works.”…more
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Sleep Apnoea

…I am at last getting a good nights sleep. I have used the CPAP machine just 2 or 3 nights in six months…

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Sleep Apnoea
I was diagnosed as having sleep apnoea about 10 years ago. At the advice of the sleep clinic I used a CPAP and then a Resmed breathing machine. I am a seventy year old woman.

In March 2008 I was instructed in the practice of Buteyko breathing exercises by Linda Meads. During the first 6 weeks I experienced major improvements in my health. I suffered from IBS, clinical depression and rhinitis as well as the sleep apnoea which had started me on this path.

At first I continued to use my Resmed machine. After about three months it occurred to me that if sleep apnoea is the result of hyperventilation then the use of a breathing machine which is like sleeping in a wind tunnel is not sensible. I tried doing without it and found that I slept no worse without than with it. Had my sleep pattern been much worse I would have gone back to my Resmed for a bit longer.

I persevered with my breathing exercises. This month in September 2009 my sleep clinic specialist said he was satisfied that I no longer suffer from sleep apnoea.

Some points I would make.
1 Sleeping on the back must be avoided.
2 Sufferers from sleep apnoea do not dream. Apnoeas wake you from deep sleep. If you wake from a dream, and dreams only occur in shallow sleep, whatever it was that woke you was not an apnoea. Assess your sleep accordingly.
3 If you suffer from clinical depression and you wake in the night; when you are only half awake you will be aware that tomorrow is going to be awful, that you will not be able to cope and you did the most dreadful things yesterday. If in addition you suffer from rhinitis probably your nose is blocked. There is no need to wake properly, just think – I have been hyperventilating I need shallow breathing or I shall run into apnoeas. Do not sit up in bed, do not time the control pause, do not measure your pulse or even measure minutes breathing. Then when you realise that tomorrow is going to be a super day and your nose is no longer blocked try to go back to sleep. This exercise is in addition to your daily exercises. The idea occurred to me after watching a video of Dr Buteyko with asthma sufferers.

Change in breathing seemed to switch the symptoms on and off. I am not yet out of the wood but I am much better at dealing with stress, very much happier and I have so much more energy. Insomnia is still a problem. IBS returns if I become stressed.

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